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The Entryway into the New Sharing Economy.

You are about to embark on a journey that can potentially change how you view the world and it all begins with sharing. Beyond Infinity is changing the paradigm of what it means to truly be part of a Sharing Economy where the more you help others, the more you are helped.


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What is Beyond Infinity?

Beyond Infinity is more than just a business. The real mission and purpose of Beyond Infinity is to help as many people as we can, all around the world create financial freedom, whether passively or actively. And if you share Beyond Infinity with others, while your potential income can be unlimited, think about the financial advantage you have just given someone for a better financial future. Please watch our video below to see what we mean.


Video Transcript

Beyond Infinity is a real one level affiliate platform, where you can earn an unlimited income, and because of that, the tendency is to only think of it as a business.
However, Beyond Infinity is so much more!  We are changing the paradigm of the industry.  

In our Global Relief Initiative, our goal is to help make a positive difference in someone’s life that will last a lifetime.
And that is why whenever our product is purchased, for a one time, out-of-pocket cost of $50, we give the purchaser an account in our Beyond Infinity Gold, BIG Platform.

And we even give them a Jump Start deposit of $10 that will begin to earn from 3% up to 5% in profit share earnings, compounded every week, automatically!

I know that $10 does not sound like much, but just imagine this one time deposit earning thousands of dollars in 6 years, with no further effort on the part of the purchaser, AND, no further money out of pocket.

In our effort to help as many people as we can, we have created the BIG Platform to help everyone earn without dipping into their pockets again for any additional costs, ever.

Some may say this is too good to be true, but sometimes, you find something that is both good, and true, at the same time, and Beyond Infinity Gold, BIG, is just that.
When you are sharing Beyond Infinity with others, yes, while this will earn you fantastic unlimited income… just think about the financial advantage you have just given someone for a better financial future.
And that is the real mission and purpose of Beyond Infinity, to actually help as many people as we can, all around the world. And while you are helping others, Beyond Infinity is helping you, as well.

In fact, in our Sharing Community, we help one another.  We share our time, our resources, and even our money.

You will find those members in our community who are willing to even pay for someone’s product for them, giving them an even greater advantage.

It use to be, and there probably still is, a stigma around paying it forward for others, as most people have been in situations where they have paid it forward for someone. But the biggest problem with that was expecting something in return, and not getting it. However, Beyond Infinity has changed all of that!

In fact, you are encouraged to pay it forward for others because with us, it is a win win situation and it is not about expecting anything in return.  With the Beyond Infinity compensation plan, you will receive much more than you paid to help someone else.

And because you have helped someone else, you do not have to expect anything in return, as it is given to you automatically with Beyond Infinity.

Our BIG Platform is totally passive and does not require any effort on the part of the purchaser to earn.

However, if you are actively looking to earn even more money, in addition to receiving a $40 commission for each new paid member you refer, we also have two other income producing platforms.  

One of our other income-producing platforms is the Infinity Plan where you can earn unlimited $5 Coded Commissions, for each person coded to you.

As a one level affiliate plan, only one person receives a commission from another member.  And coded to you simply means that you are the one to receive the $5 commission.

The Infinity subscription is $40, every 28 days, but it is pulled from your Reserve Account at $10, every 7 days. Your Reserve Account is continuously capped at $40, from your earnings and not your pocket.
This happens automatically, so you don't have to worry about it.

Our other income-producing platform is the Honey Production Line, HPL, where you can receive $50 from HPL 1, $100 from HPL 2, and $200 from HPL 3, continuously and simultaneously, from all three,  automatically.

If you would like to start earning an unlimited income, completely passive or active, by sharing Beyond Infinity with others, please get back to the member who shared this video with you, to learn more.  There is no better time to get started than today!

Our Features...

For a one-time, out of pocket cost of only $50, you will have access to the unique features of Beyond Infinity that will be of great benefit to you. And the greatest benefit is to understand that with our Sharing Economy, you will not have to build your Beyond Infinity online business alone. Some of those features include the following:

Our Mission

Our mission is to help eliminate misery and poverty due to a lack of an individual’s income. When we all work together by sharing Beyond Infinity, all around the globe, we can bring prosperity to the citizens of the world. “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”  ~ Zig Ziglar

Our Product

For a one-time, out-of-pocket $50, you will be purchasing our exclusive eBook that will become a guiding force to help you through these turbulent times. It is about how to create financial wealth and keeping it. If you do not become an active member, having this eBook will arm you with the knowledge of how to do more than survive, financially, it will teach you how to thrive.

BIG is so BIG!

Beyond Infinity Gold (BIG) is very unique and unlike anything else. We have automatic deposits and automatic withdrawals with complete access to your money, at all times. You will receive a complimentary bonus when you receive our product. It is a Jump Start Deposit into your new BIG account. This is all you need to start earning compounded interest, every week, with no additional effort on your part.

Our Comp Plan

We have 3 different income-producing programs in Beyond Infinity that all work together producing a life-changing income for you. Once you have our product, you get access to all 3 of them allowing you to earn an unlimited income. You can earn completely passive income, with BIG, or if you decide to share Beyond Infinity with others, you will have the opportunity to earn a healthy commission income, as well.

Global Relief Initiative

This is our mission...

Either you or someone you know has been affected by the global pandemic, in some way. And now we have the problem of inflation, where the costs of things we need, like food, are just going sky high! Even Food Banks are running out of food and the donations are drying up. And while to some, it may appear that things are starting to go back to normal, we have news for you... There will never be a “Normal” ever again! In fact, there are worse things to come before any of it gets better. But we do not say this to scare you, we say this to help you be prepared, especially where your finances are concerned.

The number of world citizens hoping, praying, waiting for our governments to step in and help is growing larger by the day and the longer we wait, the worse our conditions become. And this is not about blaming our governments, but it is about people all over the world stepping up to help one another, as best we can. It will be up to us to make our lives and the lives of those we love and care about, better. However, you must be armed with the knowledge of how to do this.

But even in these times of desperation, all is not lost. As Maya Angelou once said, “We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated.” And we will not be defeated, as long as we stand together against misery and poverty.

Beyond Infinity is not a Network Marketing company nor is it Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). It is a true one-level Affiliate program but more than that, it is a way for people all over the world to begin to experience some relief to their financial struggles. And once you begin to experience relief, we hope that you will help someone you know to get the same kind of financial relief.

The mission of Beyond Infinity’s Global Relief Initiative is to help you be prepared for what is to come with a solid financial footing. You will be better prepared than most. And once you begin to prosper, we want to show you how to .protect what you have earned. We all need money these days, and without it, we are suffering, day by day. But we now have the opportunity to do something about it and to help each other to do more than just survive.

Our Global Relief Initiative is something we can do to help everyone in need. And it can go a long way in helping to eliminate the financial crisis that exists in our world today. Prosperity and abundance are your birthrights and we refuse to let anything defeat us until we can accomplish that for all of us.

Our Product

“The Global Relief Initiative”

Creating Financial Freedom the smart way

In our exclusive eBook, the goal is to educate the global population regarding our current economic conditions. Not only will it direct your attention to what is happening, all over the world financially, but what may be coming to your own back yard, financially speaking, that you may not yet be aware of. This eBook will also teach what can be done to create and preserve your wealth, once it has been created.

This product can be purchased by anyone for a one-time cost of $50, whether or not you intend to build a Beyond Infinity business. It is designed to start a Global Relief Initiative that will bring about the financial relief that everyone needs. This is why it is so important for us to get the word out about Beyond Infinity so people all over the world can gain access to this exclusive product.

You will be able to use the following cryptocurrencies to pay your $50; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, USDT-TRC20, Stellar, Ethereum, and USDC.


As a Thank You for purchasing our eBook product, we will establish a Beyond Infinity Gold (BIG) Platform account for you and give you your first Jump Start Deposit of $10. With this deposit, you will begin to earn 3% compounded profit sharing, per week, eventually earning up to 5%! And this is all automatic with no effort on your part. This is our way of helping you get started on the path to financial freedom which is going to be very important for you!


What is BIG?

Beyond Infinity Gold (BIG) is a profit sharing income stream we are offering to members who have purchased our Beyond Infinity product for a one-time, out-of-pocket cost of $50. We are not investing for our members, merely sharing our profits from the company’s own private investment portfolios. And the only requirement to participate in our BIG Platform, where you can become financially independent, is to purchase our product.

For every product purchased, Beyond Infinity will deposit $10 as a “Jump Start Bonus” into the member’s BIG Platform Balance which would allow that member to begin earning from 3% up to 5% per week, compounded, on their BIG Platform Balance. Sharing, recruiting, referring, or sponsoring is not required to receive this passive income.

Once a member has been introduced to BIG, they will have the opportunity to increase their BIG Platform balance through additional deposits. This can be life-changing income!

BIG Auto Club

Everyone loves a brand new car and our members are no different. And what about a brand new car that is completely paid for and you are the titled owner, as soon as possible, but not less than one year, of making your contribution? YES, when you make a 1% marketing campaign contribution, the value of your brand new car will be 100 times the amount of your contribution.

Here are the specified 1% contribution amounts: $250, $500, $750, $1,000, $1,250, and $1,500. And the BEST part is that all paid members who make a specified contribution WILL receive a brand new car… not just some, but Everyone!

For example, if you contribute $250, as soon as possible, but not less than one year, you could have a brand new car valued at $25,000; a contribution of $500, could get you a brand new car valued at $50,000; a contribution of $1,000 could get you a brand new car valued at $100,000, and a contribution of $1,500 could get you a brand new car valued at $150,000!

Our Compensation Plan

Beyond Infinity has one of the most unique and powerful compensation plans, ever created. We can say this because after 20 years of perfecting it, we now have a patented compensation plan that will provide unbelievable earnings, all from a one-time $50 USD, out of pocket.

This is not a Multi-level Marketing compensation plan but a true one level Affiliate plan that delivers compensation through a unique coding process based on proprietary algorithms. This unique coding process is rotated every 7 days and allows our members to earn the highest amounts they are qualified to earn. And you can earn to infinity!

A huge part of our Compensation Plan is our Sharing Economy, as we share members with others to help them reach their financial goals, all without giving up anyone, you are merely sharing. We also provide Matching Bonuses up to 100%!

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