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Do you remember the Moment?

Our world and our economy have changed. In the 1960s, the average length of a job was 40 years. It is now 4.5 years. There once were guaranteed pensions for the future. Today there are no guarantees a job will last even 5 years which shatters any hope of future financial security. In addition, we have learned the hard lesson that through circumstances beyond our control, global economies, businesses and jobs can be shut down literally overnight. However, there is good news! We now live in a connected world with a SHARING Economy which opens the door to current and future financial security for each and every one of us. If you are wondering what this means and how it can help you, watch this brief video. In less than 8 minutes you will understand what this economic revolution can mean for you.

Do you remember the Moment?

Video Transcript

Do you remember the moment you realized that the world had changed?

Let me tell you a quick little story that has nothing and everything to do with the future of our world and how you fit into it.

In 1917 the United States faced a huge problem. They were working hard to compete in the industrialized economy and there was a shortage. Not a shortage of oil or coal or other natural resources. A shortage of people, specifically, obedient factory workers.

The solution to this economic dilemma? It was an experiment of sorts. It had not been done before until someone thought of it…mandatory public school. Unfortunately, the initial purpose of the United States Public School System was not to inspire children or generate scholars. And it was not created for dreamers… people who color outside the lines, break the rules, and challenge the status quo. The public school system of the early 1900s was invented to create a nation full of adults who would obediently do their jobs in the factory assembly lines.

Teaching kids to sit in straight rows and scheduling the entire day with the ringing of bells was not by chance. Punishing those that did not conform was purposeful. These were the skills they would need to join the labor force. Intentional or not, this early method of turning dreamers into workers was an investment in the nation’s economic future… and it worked! This then led to several generations of productive, fully employed workers. But it is not working anymore!

Why? Our economy has changed! We do not live in an industrialized economy anymore. We live in a Connected Economy. Right now, there are more users on Facebook than there were people on the planet 200 years ago. Technology has made it possible for us to connect with people, ideas, and information from anywhere in the world instantaneously. And, as a result, our economies have expanded from localized towns and communities to the entire world. We have globalized trade in nearly every way. In the past, the obedient ‘do what you are told without question people’ were rewarded for working hard and putting their dreams aside, in order to toe the line. They were given well-paying jobs that led to long-term careers. They were guaranteed pensions, benefits, and the promise that they would always be taken care of. And they were! But that promise is gone for most of us today.

Even if you have a white-collar job, the majority of white-collar workers are still working in a factory. Instead of operating a sewing machine or welding a widget, they now push pencils, type on keyboards, or process paperwork. It is still factory work because the entire focus of the day is spent on increasing productivity, which leaves little room for creativity, spontaneity, or individuality. The educated hard-working masses are still doing what they are told but they are no longer getting what they deserve!

Even if you do everything you are told to do today… graduate from high school, go to college, get a degree, work hard in whatever job you can find… if you are lucky enough to find one…you are not guaranteed anything!

Companies are being forced to change or die right now. Lay-offs happen much more often than job openings appear and the highest paying jobs are disappearing or heading overseas at an alarming rate. If you have a job where your boss tells you exactly what to do, he or she will always find someone cheaper than you to do it.

Did you know that the average length of a job today is about 4 1/2 years? Contrast that to the 1960s when it was 40 years! The Connected Economy rewards a different group of people. It rewards the people who see things differently, who do not conform, people who have ideas that no one else has, people who are willing to work hard but know that the old way of doing things is broken. The Connected Economy rewards you not for being a cog in the wheel of life but for standing up and reaching out. The Connected Economy rewards the connectors!

Whether it is connecting a person to a person, a business to a business, a business to a product, or a product to a person… those who learn how to connect are the ones who will survive and excel in the Connected Economy!

That is how the world has changed! It is not about to change, it already has! Things are different now and they are not going back to the way they used to be!

Look at Facebook. What is their product? It is YOU…your network, your information, your ideas… they all have value. Does Facebook pay you for the money they make selling your information to advertisers? No! But we still use it because we have an innate desire to connect with people. In fact, neuroscientists have found that we are actually hardwired to connect with each other. Some people know how to leverage this innate ability in today’s economy, but most do not! And because they do not know how to do it, most of them are paralyzed with fear, resisting the shift, despite clear indications telling them it is time to change!

In 1917, a group of people performed an experiment that forever changed the way that we earned a living. The world today is facing another huge problem. We are facing a shortage of our own. Not a shortage of factory workers or consumers…the world has enough of those! We have a shortage today of dreamers and connectors!

And so…we are holding our own little experiment and YOU happen to be the subject of it!

This eight-minute presentation was specifically designed to seek out and find the connectors around us. Those who recognize that we are on the brink of the next economic revolution, who are ready to thrive in the Connected Economy, and who are searching for the best way to do it. The Internet and technology are rapidly changing the way that we do everything today including how we make a living.

It is not too late to embrace the change and find a way to make yourself relevant and profitable in our brave new world and that is why we have invited you here today. We have created something that rewards you for connecting. It pays you for bringing people together behind a cause, product, or idea and we have systematized it and made it so that you can do it from anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

If you are passionate about helping people. If you are passionate about changing lives…If you want to position yourself to be a capitalizing force within the connected revolution instead of just a bystander…Let us start now!

Do you remember the moment you realized that the world had changed? How about the moment you realized YOU could change with it?

Are you ready for the details?

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Beyond Infinity’s Compensation Plan

Welcome to this overview of our Beyond Infinity Compensation Plan.

We have a very simple, yet powerful compensation plan with 3 Main income-producing components that work together automatically! Beyond Infinity Gold, our BIG Platform; The Infinity Plan, and the Honey Production Line, HPL. Whether you are looking for Passive income or Active income, we have something for everyone.

Do you remember the Moment?

Video Transcript

Welcome to this overview of our Beyond Infinity Compensation Plan.

We have a very simple, yet powerful compensation plan with 3 Main income-producing components that work together automatically! Beyond Infinity Gold, our BIG Platform; The Infinity Plan, and the Honey Production Line, HPL.

Your Beyond Infinity journey to infinite wealth begins with the purchase of our exclusive eBook, “The Global Relief Initiative – Creating Financial Freedom the smart way.”

There are 3 primary ways in which you can make your purchase of our product:

  1. Become a Paid Member by purchasing the Beyond Infinity eBook for $50, using one of the cryptos listed below.
  2. Receive a P.I.F. (Pay It Forward) from someone.
  3. Become a Free Builder and personally refer at least 3 paying members.

You will be able to use the following cryptocurrencies to pay your $50; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, USDT-TRC20, Stellar, Ethereum, and USDC-ERC20. All withdrawals will be paid in USDT-TRC20.

Beyond Infinity Gold, BIG, ... Let The Journey Begin!

As soon as your product purchase has been made, you are immediately given a Profit Share Earning account in our Beyond Infinity Gold - BIG platform.

The company will also provide you with a $10 Jump Start deposit that will begin to earn for you, on a weekly basis, starting with your first week.

And with no further effort on your part and no additional money out of pocket, you will begin to earn passively, from 3% up to 5% compounded weekly.

These earnings are shared with you, as a member of Beyond Infinity, from our company profits in our private investments.

We are not investing for you; we are merely sharing with you.

Why are we doing this?

This is part of our Global Relief Initiative, and it is our mission to help as many people as we can, achieve financial freedom, all around the world, with no qualifications needed except the purchase of our product.

And as you will learn, you will be able to qualify to earn from much more than just the $10 Jump Start deposit.

The profit share tier table below shows the “amount” qualifications needed in your BIG Balance to receive the specified profit share rate for each tier.

If you just want to earn passively, then the tier level you receive from depends only on your own personal BIG Balance.

But if you decide to share Beyond Infinity with others, who purchase our product, you can earn at an accelerated rate!

In that case, we combine the total of your BIG Platform Balance and your personally enrolled member’s total BIG Platform balances together, in real time, to increase your percentage rate.

For example: If an enroller's personal BIG Platform Balance is $300 (Tier 1 qualified, receiving 3%) and their personally enrolled member’s combined BIG Platform balances, add up to a total of $200, then the tier qualification for the enroller becomes $500, making the enroller Tier 2 qualified, receiving 3.5% on their own personal BIG Balance, each week.

This is a benefit of sharing Beyond Infinity with others.

The BIG Platform has a compounding cap of 180% on all deposits.

This means your weekly earnings will be added to your BIG Balance and compounded each week, until your compounding cap has been reached.

Once the compounding cap has been reached, any additional earnings will go directly into your BIG Wallet.

However, qualified members can make additional deposits to their BIG Balance from their Internal Wallet (from earnings) to increase their compounding cap.

This is an example of how our auto-compounding cap works with additional deposits:

☆ Twenty percent ($20) goes to the Company, as profit.
☆ The member’s deposit of $100 auto-compounds until the BIG balance reaches $180.
☆ The compounding cap in this example is $180.
☆ If the member deposits another $20, they will start auto-compounding again.
☆ And their new cap would now be $216, the $180 + $36 which is 180% of the new $20 deposit.

You have the option to have Automatic Deposits added to your BIG Platform Balance.

This process will automatically pull funds from your BIG Wallet balance, starting at $1.

It will automatically re-deposit $1 and above, in whole dollars, from your BIG Wallet and add it back to your BIG Balance, helping to increase your tier levels as well as your compounding cap.

We also have an amazing Automatic Withdrawal process.

You can set your Withdrawal Threshold and your Withdrawal Percentage to your chosen variables.

And since everything is automated, you can set it and forget it.

For example: Your BIG Wallet Balance is $800, and you have your Withdrawal Threshold set at $1,000 and your Withdrawal Percentage is set at 50%.

What this means is that while you are already having automatic deposits going into your balance, you will not have any automatic withdrawals until you have a BIG Wallet balance of $1,000.

When this amount is reached, 50% of your wallet balance will be automatically withdrawn directly to your Beyond Infinity Internal Wallet and the remaining 50% will be automatically re-deposited back into your BIG Balance.

The basic guideline of any compounding earning vehicle is to put in as much as you can in the beginning and leaving it in for as long as possible, before withdrawing.

However, we understand that times are tough, so we have made all of both, your BIG Platform Balance and your BIG Wallet Balance available to you, at any time with a minimum $25 withdrawal limit.

But you should avoid depleting your BIG Platform Balance, because that could drop your Tier Level and it is so important to reach and maintain, the Tier 5 level where you are earning 5% compounded weekly!


In just 6 short years, the Jump Start deposit of $10 you received from the company, will grow to thousands of dollars!

Do you remember what your finances looked like 6 years ago?

How would you like to see what they will look like just 6 years from now?

That is the beauty of our Global Relief Initiative and the BIG Platform.

Just imagine everyone around the world being thousands of dollars richer from a one-time $50 product purchase, in just 6 short years.

And it doesn’t stop there! Want More?

If all you wanted to do was to earn passively, you could just enjoy your BIG Platform account for many years to come.

However, if you are looking to make the most of our Compensation Plan, when you share Beyond Infinity with others, you will unlock ALL of our income producing components!

Next, see how the BIG Platform leads you right into the Infinity Plan, automatically, simply by sharing Beyond Infinity with others who want to do the same as you.

Everyone starts out the same way with a product purchase and a BIG account but when you share Beyond Infinity, you have the potential to maximize your wealth.

Let us take a closer look at The Infinity Plan.

A Reserve Account will be established for you, from your earnings, to automatically pay for your Infinity Plan subscription and your first HPL one. The Infinity Plan subscription is $40, every 28 days, but will be paid from your Reserve Account, automatically, every 7 days.

Each week, 10 dollars will be pulled from your Reserve Account to pay for another 7 days, keeping you current and active in the Infinity Plan.

The Reserve Account will maintain a cap of $40, at all times, and can only be increased from your earnings.

If it gets low, it will be automatically replenished from your earnings.

If your Reserve Account balance is already at $40, then any additional earnings you receive will go directly into your Internal Wallet.

How You Earn From The Infinity Plan

The Infinity Plan earnings are a combination of unlimited $5 Coded Commissions and Matching Bonuses on the Infinity Plan earnings of your personal referrals, based on your Badge Rank of Bronze, Silver, or Gold, in real time.

Beyond Infinity is a true one-level Affiliate Program, as only one person is earning coded commissions and matching bonuses from another member.

When you have 3 or more personals who are also active in the Infinity Plan, you become eligible to receive coded commissions to infinity!

Every 7 days, assuming everyone has at least 3 personals, you will receive 2 from each person that is shared up and coded to you.

The word “coded” simply indicates which member will earn the individual $5 coded commissions.

Every 7 days a new rotation occurs, and new coded commissions are earned.

Here is what happens when You Share Beyond Infinity With Others. This is based on being a PAID Member and personally referring at least 3 new paid members.

When your first personally referred member pays $50...

  1. You receive a commission of $40 added to your Reserve Account.
  2. $10 is given as a Jump Start deposit to your referral.
  3. $10 is paid from your Reserve Account for your first 7 days in the Infinity Plan.
  4. $30 is left in your Reserve Account.
  5. Your Reserve Balance is now $30.

When your second personally referred member pays $50...

  1. You receive a commission of $40 added to your Reserve Account.
  2. $10 is given as a Jump Start deposit to your referral.
  3. Your Reserve Balance is now $70
  4. $50 dollars is used to pay the one-time costs of your first HPL one.
  5. Your Reserve Balance is now $20.

When your third personally referred member pays $50...

  1. Your Reserve Account Balance will be capped at $40, if needed.
  2. Any remaining income will go directly into your Internal Wallet.
  3. $10 is given as a Jump Start deposit to your referral.
  4. Your Reserve Account will only be used for Infinity, going forward.

When a fourth or higher personally referred member pays 50 dollars:

  1. Your Reserve Account Balance will be capped at $40, if needed.
  2. Any remaining income will go directly into your Internal Wallet.
  3. $10 is given as a Jump Start deposit to your referral.

Let us take a closer look at The Infinity Plan Compensation Model.

Starting small, if you can understand how to earn $25 a week, then you will understand how to earn significantly more.

In the example above, you have 4 personals who are also in the Infinity Plan.

And they have an average of 3 personals each, who are also in the Infinity Plan, giving you 2 generations.

With 6 members coded to you this 7 day period, you have earned Coded Commissions of $5 each, for a total of $30.

You also earned a 25% Bronze Matching Bonus of $5 on the earnings of your personals.

Remember, with at least 3 personals, 2 are shared up and are coded to whomever you are coded to.
And because you have 4 in this example, 2 of them will remain with you and are coded to you.

And if those 2 remaining with you have at least 3 personals each, they will each share up 2 of their personals to you who will also be coded to you, because their enrollers are coded to you.

And this can go on several generations deep, which increases your income!

This totals your Potential Infinity for the week of $35, minus the $10 cost for your Infinity weekly subscription which has already been paid from your Reserve Account.

And this is with just a group of 16 people.

Here is another example.

By increasing your active personals in the Infinity Plan to 10 and having a total of 24 members coded directly to you, this has earned you 100 and 20 dollars in Coded Commissions.

In this example, you share up 2 personals and 8 remain with you.

And if those 8 have at least 3 personals, you will receive 2 from each of the 8, who will also be coded to you: 8+16 = 24 Coded Members.

And because you are a Gold member, you have received a 100% match of the Infinity earnings from your personals, no matter who they are coded to, in the amount of $50.

In total, you have earned $170 for the week, minus the $10 cost of your weekly Infinity subscription which has already been paid from your Reserve Account.

And all of this happens automatically, so you can focus on helping others experience earning in Beyond Infinity!

Now, let us take a closer look at the HPL - Honey Production Line.

We have 3 HPLs with entry amounts of $50, $100, and $200 and as the name implies, this is like pure honey to your wallet and is basically a cycler added for additional income!

As your personals enter your HPL- I, you will receive $50 for the first 2 spots each, with the third paid spot re-entering you back into a new HPL - 1, to start all over again.

HPL - I is the only automatic placement.

When your personals are ready to upgrade to your HPL - II for $100, that will be a manual upgrade with the push of a button on the HPL page.

They must also have $100 available in their Internal Wallet.

The same applies for the HPL - III for $200.

As you can see, the more people you can help to benefit from Beyond Infinity, the more you are also helped, on a continuous basis.

When you have a 2nd paid referral, you will receive a $40 commission added to your Reserve Account.

$50 is automatically pulled from your Reserve Account, if available, for the one-time purchase of your first HPL - I. This $50 will go to the first qualified upline who has an active HPL - I.

And when your personals have at least 2 paid personal referrals, they will go into your HPL one, giving you the $50.

And your third HPL - I payment will go to your first qualified upline who has an active HPL - I and will also give you a new HPL - I to start all over again, collecting $50 payments.

Only HPL - I is an automatic payment.

The HPL income is continuous and can happen simultaneously.

To show you how this happens, HPL - I costs $50 and you earn $150 each time your HPL - 1 is filled, with 100 dollars going directly into your wallet if your Reserve Account is already capped at $40. And the last 50 dollars opening a new HPL - 1, for you to start over again, at no additional out of pocket costs to you.

HPL - II costs $100 and you earn $300 each time your HPL - II, with $200 going directly into your wallet and the last $100 opening a new HPL - II, for you to start over again, at no additional out of pocket costs to you.

HPL - III costs $200 and you earn $600 each time your HPL - III is filled, with $400 going directly into your wallet and the last $200 opening a new HPL - III, for you to start over again, at no additional out of pocket costs to you.

What are the benefits of SHARING BEYOND INFINITY with others? In addition to the Infinity Plan and HPL income, sharing Beyond Infinity with others can also boost your income received from your BIG Account!

When you are active in the Infinity Plan and you maintain at least 3 active personal referrals in the Infinity Plan, you will receive the following:

  • An additional $25 Reward Deposit added to your BIG Balance, paid by the company.
  • Qualification to receive a 10% Matching Bonus on the BIG profit share earnings of your personal referrals.
  • And qualification to make manual deposits, from your Internal Wallet, to your BIG Balance which can increase your Tier earning level and your Compounding Cap.

We have shared a lot of information with you so, here is a quick recap!

Become a paid member, with a one-time out-of-pocket $50 and receive our product and a Beyond Infinity Gold (BIG) account which passively receives from 3% up to 5% profit share earnings, compounded weekly.

And it all starts with the $10 Jump Start deposit from the company.

No referring is required to earn from the BIG platform.

And when you Share Beyond Infinity with 3 or more new paid members, who follow you into the Infinity Plan, you qualify for the following:

  • $40 instant Commission on every paid personal referral.
  • Infinity Plan Coded Commissions and Matching Bonuses.
  • HPL recurring payments of $50, $100, and $200, simultaneously.
  • A $25 Reward Deposit and 10% Matching Bonus in your BIG account.
  • Automatic and Manual Deposits and Automatic and Manual Withdrawals in your BIG Account.
  • And finally, the financial freedom to live your life as you choose!

We appreciate you for taking the time to watch this video and we thank you! If you are not already a member of Beyond Infinity, please get back to the member who shared this video with you and let them know you are ready to get started, today!

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